Engagement Photography

From capturing your love filled moments to creating magical memories

Our top photographer in Patna specialised in engagement photoshoots. Let us make your special day unforgettable

engagement photography

From capturing your love filled moments to creating magical memories, our top photographer in Patna specialised in engagement photoshoots. Let us make your special day unforgettable.
Looking for a special photographer to capture your engagement? You have come to the right place, we are dedicated to making your engagement session more than just pretty picture we see it as a celebration of your love, freezing that magical moment when you found your love partner in time. Your engagement is new start of your beautiful journey , and our team is here to make you sure for every candid moment is captured at its best.
We believe in capturing not just poses but the true emotion that make your relationship unique. Our goal is to capture those genuine movements that reflect your connection, whether it’s a stolen glimpse , are shared laugh, all the warmth of a tight hug. Let turn your engagement photos into a beautiful reminder of your life and love that marked the beginning of your journey together.
We offer customise packages of for all occasion ensuring contact innovation and update to provide you with memories that last the lifetime.

Step into enchanting engagement stories

Experience a visual journey through heart touching and candid engagement photo shoots.. from lively themes to stylish attire and genuine smiles,

We capture every romantic moment and turn them into beautifil memories of your life. Explore our gallery and secure your photoshoot to keep alive the memory of the sweet reflection of your love commitment

Capture everlasting memories - feel your special moment with our expert engagement photography service

Allow our lens to tell your unique story transforming fleeting moments into timeless memories contact us today to schedule your engagement photography shoot

Why You
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Photography services?

best wedding photographer in patna

At platinum events and photography we love celebrating engagements, where to heart joint to start a lifetime of love. Avar Patna wedding photographer captures all the excitement and joy of this special moment. We create stunning photos that tell your beautiful love story capturing the moment when you fell in love.
With our experience and best photography team we have been part of many engagement events in Patna over the past 10 years. We know these moments are precious and will be remembered by you your children and even your grand kids. We are here to help you plan a unique engagement, whether you want it endorse or outdoors with fun themes or stylish outfit. We promise to add a special touch to your engagement photos.
Our wedding photographer in Patna takes time to understand your dreams and style. We work together with you to make sure we capture the best candid moment, especially when you exchange rings. With us you will get outstanding photos that reflect the magic of your engagement.