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Wedding Cinematography In Patna

At platinum events and photography, we are more than just photographers, we are memory makers. Founded with a passion for capturing candid moments , our journey begin with a love for wedding photography and cinematography. What makes us stand apart from other photographer is our genuine joy in turning your special day into beautifull memories. Whether it’s promise, laughter shared emotional, or dance floor movement, we aim to capture every candid moments of your love story. Our commitment goes beyond providing a service, it’s about creating a narrative that speaks to the heart of your celebration.

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What does a cinematography videos means?

Traditional wedding videos capture every moment in chronological order, providing a straight forward memory of your day. Infocus cinematic videos add an artistic and creative touch, offering a unique story telling approach. No longer just continuous recording modern wedding videos came to narrate the story of your special day in a charismatic way.

Cinematic Wedding Photography

Wedding cinematography is like the next chapter of wedding photography, but with video full stop instead of just capturing photos, it is about telling your story in a creative and in rolling mode through video. Mobile recording every moment used to be the norm today’s couple prefer a shorter, more creativity approach with their wedding videos. That’s why modern wedding cinematography is all the rage now.

wedding cinematic photography

What defines a Cinematic Wedding Video?

In simple terms Cinematic Wedding video is light watching a story unfold. It combines speeches, images and music to create a captivating film. Unlike traditional videos, the focus is on capturing candid moments in short, high quality clips. This approach is all about story telling rather than simply recording every minute of the day and its brought to life by the expert of the best wedding cinematographers.

Is Cinematography Different From Videography?

Videography is the art of capturing quality videos where are cinematography involve using videos to tell a story or convey a message. While videography must capture birth from interesting angles, cinematography aims to create a connection and show emotions through story telling videos.

What is the definition of wedding cinematography?

Wedding cinematography is all about telling a beautiful stories in creative visuals at platinum events and photography known as the best wedding photographer in Patna we pride ourselves on being excellent storytellers with our cameras .Our team in Patna knows just how to set the mood for your cinematic wedding video we craft attractive beginning and unforgettable endings that bring your love story to life. We capture every special and candid moment from unique angles making sure your video has that magical cinematic touch that everyone will love watching.

Samples of Cinematic Shots

From the touching moment of a family embracing to the brides dazzling smile at her groom, We treasure every emotion and happiness moment. What we capture become a piece of the beautiful story we create transforming your wedding into a fairy tale film.

What does Wedding Videography means?

From the touching moment of a family embracing to the brides region smile at her groom, be treasure every emotion and happiness moment. What we capture become a piece of the beautiful story we create transforming your wedding into a fairy tale film
What does Wedding Videography means?
Wedding videography is pretty common these days but sometimes it can feel up it bit basic. Your smartphone make it easy for anyone to shoot videos but not as professional way, but pros usually stick to using traditional cameras. There focus is more on capturing moments rather than telling a story. Unlike cinematic wedding videos that really grabs at your feelings, regular videography can sometimes feel like it’s lacking the emotional depth and also its usually a more budget friendly option compare to cinematic filming. But keep in mind while videography is great for documenting the event it might not have that same emotional impact that you get from cinematic story telling.

What gears do we used in wedding Videography?

Wedding cinematic videos are typically captured using tape-based cameras or basic camcorders with static lenses. Unlike wedding cinematographers nearme, wedding videographers often lack advanced equipment like sliders, tripods, or gimbals for smooth movement. Consequently, wedding videography may yield lower-resolution footage and lack dramatic camera angles. Furthermore, low-light areas may suffer due to equipment limitations, resulting in a potentially prolonged and less engaging viewing experience.

Devices Used by Wedding Cinematographer?

In Traditional wedding videography the video is usually short using basic cameras without fancy features like gimbal or prime lenses with less aperture for smooth movement and better results. This can result in lower quality footage especially in low light situations where the equipment struggles wedding cinematic videos on the other hand use advance equipments and techniques and prime lenses for sharp footages to capture breathtaking short with dramatic angles and lighting as a result day of a more beautiful being experience compared to traditional wedding videography.

Cinematographer or Traditional Videography . Which is Best?

Both wedding videography in wedding cinematics video have their pros and cons it really comes down to what you want for your special day do your dream of starring in a big budget wedding film with all the bells and whistles like emotions drama ,love ,music, candids, and dance? or are you happy just capturing the moment traditionally even if it means the video might be a bit long and simple, ultimately the choice is yours on your preferences and budget when it come to hiring a videographer or a cinematographer.In short traditional video is simple and recording every moments. 


As digital technology advances lines between cinematography and videography is that they still have distinct differences. A Wedding videographer in Patna focuses on video production while wedding cinematography is more about creativity candid cinematic experience similar to movies. Cinematographers typically use more was techniques compared to videographers, adding depth and creativity to their work.

Envolvement of Team Members

Wedding cinematography is all about story telling. The shorts are taken from different angles to capture the candid shots of the story of the emotions involved. During editing various effects are added and blended together to create a beautiful wedding movie. Cinematography teams are usually large with several cameras operator and editing expert working together to result better result.